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Nature's finest
The freedom of a humming bird
As busy as a bee
As valorous as a lion
The strength of tree
And while they pass me by
As it means to me
All die with age you see
:icondarkanglegirl97:darkanglegirl97 0 0
A Memory
Your memory lingers over me
Like cigarette smoke
Dull and
Disgusting and
Addicted to the feeling
Of my chest being crushed
Living breathless
I might have forgotten the feeling
If it were not for the scars
On my lungs and heart
You were as fleeting as the smoke
Changing your shape
To suit your purposes
And i loved it
Like a petty fool
:icondarkanglegirl97:darkanglegirl97 0 0
A Silly Love Poem
I never thought
Id write one of these
I used to look at them in scorn
And belt them with my laughter
But his voice
His mind
His eyes
They pull me in with wonder
The way he laughs is beautiful
(No matter what he says)
And the way he looks at me
Like no other has done before
The way his lips call for me
Like nothing iv ever felt
So yes im writing one of these
A silly love poem
:icondarkanglegirl97:darkanglegirl97 0 0
The Beauty in Lies
Sometimes lies are beautiful
More so than truth
The beautiful picture
With its selected surroundings
Makes us feel better
That clouded sunset full of oranges pinks purples
But if you would only zoom out a bit
You’ll see an old cloud factory
Its smoke billowing out
Polluting the air
The water around thick
And poisoned
Yes oh how beautiful the lies are
When they just conceal the truth
So yes I hate lies
But sometimes
Sometimes they are more comforting than the truth
:icondarkanglegirl97:darkanglegirl97 1 0
They are death
Lies are death
He cause couples to cease to be
Friends to break
Family’s to spit
Souls to crack
The black cloudy mist
Consumes the heart like a black hole
Yet you lie to me so easily
They come off your tongue as easily as my name
I can’t believe that
After all I’ve done
When I’ve never told a lie
You’ve said I’m beautiful
But how can I believe these things
Except think the opposite
How could you not have lied about these things?
When you’ve lied about everything else
:icondarkanglegirl97:darkanglegirl97 1 0
A Change of Heart
It’s the tingle in your toes
And the petals of a white rose.
The taste of chocolate
And cherry lip gloss.
So innocent and pure
You disgust me
Making my gift into an excuse
With your hour long affairs
That sweet sensation in your stomach really just spiders and centipedes
Trying to crawl there way out,
Making you sick.
You’ve turned my gift into a drug.
The only thing that keeps you going is a constant injection.
Making you hot faced and light headed,
Forgetting who you once were.
You take me name and sell it on the streets
If only it were that easy
Bright green leaves which once innocently grew
Plucked by your human hands
Turned it evil and poisoness
You’ve turned me and my gift into something
Something deadly
Into one of them
The innocence of a child’s laugh.
Father and daughter holding hands,
A mother cradling her baby for the first time
The companionship of a friend
This is me
This is who I am
:icondarkanglegirl97:darkanglegirl97 1 0
How can a boy lie?
His hand obviously caught
He learned from his elders
To lie and make them forget
Sweaty palms
Shaking hands
Shifty eyes
Time to look through all of your lies
I know you could never forgive me
For the lies iv told
For the truths I haven’t
But I still couldn’t prepare myself
For that look on your face
You told me you loved me
That you needed me
But you only needed me when
Like when the sun needs a break
And offers the clouds its place
I can see through your wavering smile
To your sad eye
Your loneliness leaking through
I can see
I know the truth
:icondarkanglegirl97:darkanglegirl97 0 0
What do the colors of the rainbow mean to you?
These radiant reds, brilliant blues, and vibrant violets.
Do you understand the innocence of her pink?
The curiosity of her green?
The intellect of her olive?
The luck of her blue?
The strength of his sapphire?
The double vision of his yellow?
The vulnerability of his brown?
The blinding of her teal?
The haunting of her maroon?
The loneliness of his purple?
The slipping sanity of his indigo?
Do you feel the pain of his red?
They may just be colors to you,
But for me,
They’re people.
All struggling through their own burdens,
All fighting through life,
Trying to win this impossible game.
They all have their different colors,
But they all bleed the same.
:icondarkanglegirl97:darkanglegirl97 0 0
Hey there by darkanglegirl97 Hey there :icondarkanglegirl97:darkanglegirl97 2 0 baltimore comicon 2013 by darkanglegirl97 baltimore comicon 2013 :icondarkanglegirl97:darkanglegirl97 17 13 pepsicola by darkanglegirl97 pepsicola :icondarkanglegirl97:darkanglegirl97 20 15 my friend finder app! by darkanglegirl97 my friend finder app! :icondarkanglegirl97:darkanglegirl97 3 62
Now ain't this a shocker
The T.A.R.D.I.S is blue
When you ask Donna who's The Doctor
She'll say "Doctor Who?"
A man with two hearts
Is easily broken
When they grow apart
His feelings are spoken
So why, you ask
Is The Doctor so blue?
Its because all of his 'tasks'
End all too soon
Rose,Donna,Martha and now both Ponds
Have all of their lives changed when The doctor absconds.
:icondarkanglegirl97:darkanglegirl97 0 0
How a Robin sings pt 1
Darkness. The impeding darkness that pierces my vision. There was no way out. No light. Nothing could allow me to see through that murky doom. It hadn’t always been this way. Before the accident at least. I was still able to enjoy the lush green grass, the bright blue sky, and the rich colors of the city. That was long gone though. My sight disappeared along with my parents. Just because of one driver, too careless too look up from there phone. One accident. From that my whole life shattered before my eyes , my now dead eyes. Then of course nothing. That’s all there was. Nothing.
It was an average day. The robins were chirping trying to be heard over the sound of the obnoxious city traffic. A little girl (me) looks out from her window of a bright yellow car spotting it and waves to it in glee. She wished she could sing with the birds all day like she used too, without a care in the world, but she couldn’t. She was entering the plague that had decided children lives si
:icondarkanglegirl97:darkanglegirl97 2 8
imsodonewithtitles by darkanglegirl97 imsodonewithtitles :icondarkanglegirl97:darkanglegirl97 3 0 SephIa again~ by darkanglegirl97 SephIa again~ :icondarkanglegirl97:darkanglegirl97 1 0


Origins of the man with two souls ch.2
"How is the boy? Is he everything i required you to make him?"
"Yes... He fallows every word of mine like any obedient child does to their father..."
"You do realize that you aren't really his father.  He has no true family... The closest relations to anyone is me."
"Very true... But it matters little. In the end he's just a cog in your sick little machine..."
"Hmhm.. Just remember Galford. Your the one that wanted this... It was all your choice.  You gave your life and soul to me."
Gage would be awoken by the sun pouring through the bars of his room's window. He would arise quickly with a big grin on his face.
"Today is the day! Today I can finally begin to prove myself!"
The door to his cell would open automatically and the familiar voice of his father would flood down the hallway from multiple speakers.
"0900 hours my son! It is time to get to the shuttle bay!  You don't want to miss your ride!"
Gage would run down the hall. He has
:icongagedavis77:GageDavis77 2 0
Origins of the man with two souls. Ch. 1
Brave soul ch. 1
"Touch it Gage... The procedure should be a success this time my son. I assure you that there won't even be a mark on you this time..."
"But father... You told me that last time and when i trusted you i got badly hurt. It was so hot father... My hand turned all black and the skin peeled off*
"Not this time my son. Trust your father. He only wants good for you right? Now touch it... Hold it in your hand!"
A small boy would be standing in an enclosed room, a flaming coal set in front of him on a steel covered table. This boy was young... Perhaps at the age of 11. He had brown hair, soft white skin, and deep red eyes. He would stare at this coal while a mechanical voice spoke to him from a speaker in the top corner of the room.
"Gage... Do as your father tells you to. You want him to be happy and love you correct?"
Gage would nod quickly, looking up at the speaker. "Yes father i do! But... It..." He hesitates for a moment  but finally grabs the coal and squeezes his
:icongagedavis77:GageDavis77 2 0
Hearple Tree by Cryaotic Hearple Tree :iconcryaotic:Cryaotic 437 60 Cry: Wind by Kiwa007 Cry: Wind :iconkiwa007:Kiwa007 5,661 237
The friends I had,
the memories we shared,
the lessons we learned,
the persons who cared.
Words gone unsaid,
the lives drifting apart,
my school life ending,
my true life given start.
Regret growing inside,
of the words left unspoken,
the lives I wished to touch,
my heart torn and broken.
Those friends so far away,
distant and grown mature,
my memories beginning to fade,
the life of my childhood a blur.
A familiar smile,
comes in to view,
my eyes begin to open,
thank God, it's you.
:iconcryaotic:Cryaotic 1,562 384
Cat Lover by Cryaotic Cat Lover :iconcryaotic:Cryaotic 2,033 671
Hello again!
Hello there!
In happy you came back to stare!
Don't you remember the happiness we used to share?
Of course you do!
Its what shaped you!
Inspired you through and through!
But what happened after?
It became a disaster!
And our problems grew faster...
But that didn't stop you!
You held true!
But cared little for me too...
You used me...
Abused me...
Broke me...
I finally snapped...
I will no longer be your toy...
One person only meant to give YOU joy...
And finally for you to destroy...
Goodbye old friend!
It was a fun trend!
But its one i now want to end!
Tell them your lies!
As the truth dies!
Its better than to let misery rise...
The next time we meet...
If you ever pull that feet...
Trust me, it will be anything but sweet.
:icongagedavis77:GageDavis77 2 0
Mexican cat ajuuua by goticlulustar Mexican cat ajuuua :icongoticlulustar:goticlulustar 2 0 I'm going to the moon by goticlulustar I'm going to the moon :icongoticlulustar:goticlulustar 3 0 Cause I had a Lion King Hyena fangirl moment... by SparkyandPals Cause I had a Lion King Hyena fangirl moment... :iconsparkyandpals:SparkyandPals 1 0
Endure on.
Evil fills the land we know,
Tainting us from head to toe.
We lie and cheat and cause diseray,
On and on throughout the day.
Oh the nice things we used to cherish,
They dwindle and rot and tarnish.
Cry and weep for innocence lost,
It's the rules of the game in this holocaust.
All must endure it, all must fall.
Despaire now, there's no hope for all.
Here and there the flames ignite,
Rest now and say goodnight.
What's wrong child?
So weak and mild...
Hath no one ever warned you before?
Of the lonesome pain in store?
Dear child endure endure!
For how can you ever be sure?
Does the hell go on for eternity?
Or does it end it's evil sanctity?
Drive on, we all must.
For us all, there is a lust.
To find that golden time of peace,
And for all pain to finally cease.
:icongagedavis77:GageDavis77 2 3
David Tennant Blue Suiting Cosplay Pinafore by DarlingArmy David Tennant Blue Suiting Cosplay Pinafore :icondarlingarmy:DarlingArmy 1,465 170 Angel wings tutorial by jenny7332 Angel wings tutorial :iconjenny7332:jenny7332 196 24


Alright so for the past few months iv noticed a really weird pattern in my dreams. In almost every single one of them im either loosing my teeth or pulling them out or stuff like that, really weird right? (And gross) So i googled it you know (because google has all the answers) and actually found out something really cool! There are these really cool dream dictionary websites that can actually tell you what these symbols mean! For instance there are a lot of things about abrupt change and feelings of loss with 'losing teeth' and it totally makes sense in my case! Not only am i just about to move across country but i have gone through other changes in my life.… << if your having the same dreams as i am there might be other explanations to it as well! But seriously its so cool you should try writing down your dreams to find your own patterns!… <<This is just an A-Z Dictionary in case you find any other types of recurring symbols in your dreams! Have fun :)!


darkanglegirl97's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Your name is DARKANGLEGIRL97 otherwise known as DARK. You have a variety of INTERESTS. You have a passion for HUNTING. You like to DRAW but you are NOT VERY GOOD AT IT. You have a fondness for ROLEPLAYING, and are an aspiring AUTHOR. You also like to READ and SKYPE.
what will you do?
lol sorry for the derp^^^ homestuck crazy X3.

hi my names serena and i LOVE to draw. After school(most of the time during X3) i draw and write//mostly derp stuff but whatever//.
Hunting, basketball and fishing are some more of my hobbies. one day i want to be either an author or animater! //or a physcologist that works too.../
/dont forget to check out my doodles. jk dont. ur eyes they might bleedddddd~ i have so many fandoms i cant even count them all XD.
doctor who~
the walking dead~

im always up for collabs and makeing new friends ^_^



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